Alastair Caplin

Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer


“Exquisite, passionate playing” (Scotsman) 

 “Extraordinary” (The Times)

“One to look out for, a rising star” (Howard Goodall, Classic FM)


Alastair Caplin - band.JPG

With his fiddle playing described as “Exquisite, passionate playing” (Scotsman) and his film composing as “Extraordinary” (The Times) and One to look out for, a rising star” (Howard Goodall, Classic FM), Alastair Caplin has already made a heavy impact on the UK music scene since his emergence as a professional musician.

Alastair has appeared on many albums from both the Scottish folk scene and the thriving East London folk scene, with many writing credits for these. He has performed his own music in some of the UK's most prestigious music venues including The Royal Albert Hall, Westminster Abbey, The Barbican, Shakespeare's Globe - both with bands and as a solo artist - as well as just about every major UK Music Festival.

Based in East London now, Alastair plays and tours full time with a number of groups. He is also working extensively as a producer and composer/arranger.


Photo taken from 'Swift & Bold' Rifles Regiment Celebration

featuring Alastair Caplin

Royal Albert Hall