Alastair Caplin

Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer


“Exquisite, passionate playing” (Scotsman) 

 “Extraordinary” (The Times)

“One to look out for, a rising star” (Howard Goodall, Classic FM)

the bacon St Collection


For the best part of 3 years, Alastair was running the music in a small but significant venue and recording studio in the heart of the East London's Brick Lane, called No.14 Bacon St.

This place was a hugely important and wonderful hub for local and travelling musicians alike, with constant sessions and connections being made in the most wonderful of atmospheres.

The album above was produced by Alastair and Matan Rochlitz, and comprised of putting 21 musicians in the room upstairs at Bacon St with all the mics turned on, and essentially locking them in for 13 hours. The result was 22 tracks of purely live and wild music that beautifully captures the wonder and magic of the place.

Sadly, Alastair and his colleagues there had to move out of Bacon St in Jan 2017 as the steamroller of gentrification and sky-rocketing rents pushed through the area. The much loved building is now sat empty, waiting for planning permission to go through to turn it into a block of unaffordable flats.

While VOL II was unable to be recorded at Bacon St, Alastair and the rest of the musicians involved will be planning on taking The Bacon St Collection to a new venue soon to record VOL II.